Forestry & Land Management Dansville, NY

Land & Forestry Services

In western New York, Dansville village is a beautiful little area home to the Castle on the Hill, a former water cure facility. It’s next door to the Stoney Brook State Park, featuring waterfalls, swimming, and gorgeous forests. Many landowners in the area need assistance with managing their forested areas and keeping their trees healthy. With the rich soil found in many glacial valleys, Dansville lumber can be quite lucrative. When you’re selling some of the exceptional timber this area offers, Future Forest Consulting can help you get the best price and keep your Dansville forest alive and well.

Dansville Timber Sales

FFC is here to help you with your timber sale needs. Whenever you’re selling any significant harvest of wood products, you’ll want a trained professional to guide you through the process and ensure everything goes smoothly. You might be selling your wood for lumber, fuelwood, whole tree chips, pulp, or any combination in a timber sale. The decision to harvest timber can be a significant investment. We’ll walk you through the experience to ensure all the best practices are used. Proper harvesting can provide several benefits: income, improved wildlife habitat, recreational access, views, and a healthy forest. Future Forest Consulting solicits bids from 75 to 100 logging companies when marking forest products, so we’ll get you the best market price for your timber. We’ll also help you achieve your land management goals to keep your land prosperous. From drafting up the contract to ensuring skid trails and landings are re-graded, you can trust your timber sale to Future Forest Consulting. We’d love to help you with your timber sale needs. For more information, contact us today for all the important details.

Dansville Excavation

Future Forest Consulting offers professional excavation services in and around the Western New York area. We work with homeowners, business owners, and other professional contractors to provide the best excavation services around. We focus on land development and general excavation projects, including lot clearing and land leveling, driveways, drainage systems, sand and gravel, etc. When you need an excavating contractor to clean your site, you can count on Future Forest Consulting. We not only clean the area but can make your land level for all your future project needs. FFC is licensed and insured for both the client’s and our company’s safety, and we can provide top-notch services from start to finish. Future Forest Consulting can help you get the best results when you need help with excavation in Dansville, NY, and keep your land looking great. When you need excavation, give us a call or reach out through email. We’d love to help.

Dansville Pond Construction

When you’re looking to add a water feature to your yard or outdoor space, turn to Future Forest Consultation. We’ll help you create a lovely pond that fits your size requirements and style. 

Pond construction and design can be a large project, but here at FFC, we can handle it all, no matter what size you’re looking for. We’ll provide a free estimate of the work and let you know what the process will be like to create your new backyard pond so that you know what to expect. 

We’ll help you create a healthy, beautiful pond that adds dimension and interest to your outdoor space with additions like aerators, lighting, air pumps, and more. We’ll even be able to get your water feature ready for fish! 

Best of all, we can ensure your pond is working for years to come and is easy to maintain. Get in touch with us today and start designing the pond of your dreams. 

Tree & Orchard Planting

Tree and Orchard Planning involves mechanical planting for the purposes of reforestation, creating windbreaks, privacy and encouraging local wildlife. Future Forest Consulting are experts at tree and orchard planting, no matter the scope and scale of the project.

We love to use Norway Spruces for these types of projects because it is highly adaptable to many soil types and drainages. Often we space tree rows at least 10-feet apart and each individual tree is separated 8-feet from the other. Per acre, this equates to around 500 trees. We can of course adjust this to your planting objectives too. 

When you have a tree or orchard planting project coming up, contact Future Forest Consulting. We will help you achieve the best long-term results for your property and ensure it looks fantastic for years to come. Contact the team at FFC today. 

Timber Appraisals

If you are considering capitalizing on your forestland Future Forest Consulting Inc. would love to help manage and market your forest properties to other investment groups who embrace sustainable forestry practices. Marketing involves careful preparation, through the identification of all asset values, analysis of timber, multi use potential and financial models. Future Forest Consulting, Inc.’s expertise in this is extensive because we are experienced “hands-on” Forest Managers.

Many farmers are adjusting their view on Forest Management with regard to enhancing the productivity and value of their total land use. Future Forest Consulting, Inc., essentially can act as an investment adviser providing investment management services for these institutional investors in timberland. We manage timberland portfolios for corporate pension plans, not for profit organizations and retirement systems.

The financial outlook for timberland investors is very positive.  Product supplies are decreasing and demand is increasing, so prices are expected to continue to soar.. Higher demand for timber results from an expanding global market for wood products and a shifting emphasis to renewable resources. Increasing global demand for forest products is expected to continue, due to worldwide demographic trends and other factors.

Astute timber sale decision-making is one of our most important services, since income from asset sales is a large component portfolio return. We currently manage over 25,000 acres of timberland. Superior stewardship of the forest resource is our primary land use ethic. Future Forest Consulting, Inc. provides appraisals, timber cruises, long-range planning and complete advisory services on forest practices and land-use planning, as well as on-ground implementation of the best management practices.

Management Plans/480a for Dansville Forest Areas

Future Forest Consulting develops management plans for forest areas designed to optimize productivity in conjunction with a landowner’s objectives. The management plan is the first step towards responsible forest stewardship. The plan serves like an owner’s manual for a property and includes a work schedule to maintain the quality and health of the forest. These plans will likely cover; objectives, existing access and recommendations, boundary lines, forest health, wildlife habitat, fisheries habitat, recreation, unique flora and fauna and recommendations regarding forestry and wildlife for each individual area. 

Management plans qualify landowners to receive EQIP, Tree Farm status, and 480 Real Tax Law abatements in some cases. The 480-a Real Property Tax Law provides landowners compensation for managing their land with sustainable practices for timber, wildlife, aesthetics, and recreation. The Forest Tax Law can significantly reduce your annual assessment to 20% of the current value. When the timber is sold, a 6% sales tax is paid for the wood harvested. 

Contact Future Forest Consulting Inc. to see if your land may qualify for these financial incentives and how it can be financially maximized whilst preserving sustainability.

Low Impact Logging in Dansville NY

Future Forest Consulting Inc. offers low impact logging services that are ideal for smaller woodlots in Dansville. These are less impactful than a horse logging operation and are most suitable in areas where heavy logging equipment is unnecessary.

We also deal with timber buyers that have exclusive export contracts to ensure you get top dollar for your timber.

Timber Stand Improvement

Timber Stand Improvement provides an excellent platform to enhance limited forest resources into establishing regeneration of intolerant species. These are flora and fauna that are less ‘tolerant’ to the shading of the canopy. Releasing intolerant species such as Cherry, Ash and Oak ensures these valuable species will eventually become a predominant part of the mature stand. Managers should focus on intolerant species because the intolerant species are more susceptible to mortality through competition and over-shading. Intolerant species grow up to 2-3 times as fast than shade tolerants, yielding greater harvest frequencies.

Let Future Forest Consulting Inc. help you understand what needs to be done to increase your land’s TSi and some strategies to make it a success anywhere around the Dansville, NY area.

Herbicide Application

Our team at Future Forest Consulting, Inc. are certified commercial pesticide and herbicide applicators. Future Forest designs custom applications to control invasive species and remove undesirable vegetation to promote regeneration for a number of forested areas. Let us come out and see your property to discuss options of what it might need in terms of herbicide application.

Land Clearing in Dansville

Future Forest Consulting, Inc. now offers a new service of mulching which works well during land clearing, clearing for invasive species, shooting lanes, food plots, and clearing areas where debris piles may be deemed unsightly.  This also works well when reclaiming dead woods from Emerald Ash Borer infestations.