To Whom it May Concern:

In the 20 years we have been doing wildlife property management Future Forests is by far and away the top forestry group we have ever worked with. They not only understand forestry, they understand wildlife habitat as well.

In the course of managing almost 300,000 acres of wildlife habitat for our clients we have encountered all kinds of forestry practices and all kinds of foresters. We’ve
seen the good the bad and the ugly of working in the woods. Over the years we have presented foresters with all kinds of challenges. We have yet to encounter a situation where Future Forests is not up to the job or met their equal. They know how to work
in the woods and leave it in better shape than they found it.

The team at Future Forests is young, energetic and highly professional. They know their business and take pride in their work. They know the business side of forestry, and are excellent with financials and program management. They understand timber asset management and financial planning.  They also know how to look out for the health of the forest and surrounding environments. They take their professional conservation responsibilities seriously and are frequent presenters at workshops
and public events.

Needless to say, as wildlife professionals, we are rather critical when it comes to property management and land stewardship. When it came time to harvest timber on our 500 acre property in we chose Future Forests to manage the job.

They marked the cut and worked closely with us to accommodate and enhance our wildlife plan. They put it out to bid and got us top dollar. The logging work was done by a reputable company and we were left with an intact, healthy timber asset for our children. They kept our project moving and did an excellent job of managing the loggers who worked in the woods. Not afraid to get their hands dirty, they even hopped on a dozer and helped finish clean up the log roads and skid trails.

We have “self managed” logging on our property in the past on two occasions. The results were mixed. We do not recommend “do it yourself” timber management to anyone; even to persons with professional experience like ourselves. Going forward we will always utilize the services of a consulting forestry group  and the group will be Future Forests. –Craig Dougherty PhD, President, NorthCountry Whitetails LLC


I have had the pleasure of working with Corey Figueiredo of Future Forest Consulting since early 2003, when they assisted me in the remedy of a timber trespass on my property in .  They subsequently prepared a RPFTL 480A/Forest stewardship plan for my 320 acre property.  Since that time they have managed the implementation of that plan, thinning of undesirable under story species, working with the state to ensure that we are in compliance, and most recently, enhancing the property for deer management by planting wildlife food plots.

During that time they have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of forest management.  They have enjoyed a good working relationship with the Department of Environmental Conservation.  They have volunteered to assist me in dealing with the state in matters related to the tax assessment of my property. And, most significantly, they have always demonstrated the highest standards of work and business ethics.

As a direct result of their work, I have realized significant cost savings in my tax obligations and have enjoyed the benefits of a well managed ecosystem on my property. – Frank Zaffino, Retired VP, Eastman Kodak Company

After interviewing three different forestry consultants for our first tree harvest, I found Future Forest Consulting to be a cost effective solution with a conservative approach to managing my forest. They understand that it’s not always about the money from today’s harvest, but the effect today’s culling will have on future harvests. This results in a more prosperous future for both my wood lot and their business.  They have the utmost respect for the land and our objectives as a landowner.  ‘s beliefs are to respect the land and treat the land owner right so they will be considered for all future harvests.  With their intensive goals of culling out my forest to improve individual tree growth while reducing my taxes through the 480a forest mgmt. program, I will achieve the best Return On Investment.  Being in business running a large temp. agency with over 400 employees, I need to be putting time into managing my business, and I can be confident that Corey and Scott are managing my forest and treating it as if it were their own.  In final, with help of Steve Thomas, installed 7 acres of strategically placed food plots to enhance deer hunting opportunities.  In the second year since the food plots were created, my son and I successfully harvested a large 11 point buck tipping the scales at over 200lbs. field dressed which I believe was a direct result of the food plot installation. – Jay Alberti, Owner, Pay-Tel Corporation