The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Timber Harvest and Sale

timber sale

A timber sale may occur only once or twice in a landowner’s lifetime, yet it can change enormous amounts of woodland. For this reason, you should take all the necessary planning and precautions to ensure that you receive what you want today and in the future.

If you are conducting a timber harvest and sale, this article will walk you through the process.

Why Do Landowners Conduct a Timber Harvest?

Landowners carry out timber harvest to meet multiple objectives. They perform forest clearing when trees get overcrowded and vulnerable to insect and disease attacks. They conduct timber harvest when they need to eliminate unwanted or non-native trees and bushes to improve the growing environment for your preferred trees. They also do timber harvest to start a new forest.

What Can Landowners Get From Harvesting Timber?

Landowners can enhance recreational options by enlarging trails and roads, as well as the network of trails on your property. They can improve the aesthetics by choosing species with a variety of colors and textures and a mix of different sized trees and more shrubs and ground plants.

Regular timber harvest can help improve wildlife habitat by providing conditions that will attract the wildlife you seek. It can help reduce the chances of forest fires by removing dried foliage that could act as fuel. In the case of farmed timber, sales can bring in thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Why Should You Employ a Forester During Timber Harvest and Sale?

While some landowners may be skeptical about employing a professional forester, studies show that landowners who work with a professional forester during a harvest have a healthier forest, higher satisfaction with the results, and more money. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled the things that a forester can offer to a timber sale:

Forestry Experience

They can estimate the timber volume, mark the trees according to your objectives, and arrange the sale, including how you will be using trails and roads.

Market Knowledge

They can help you receive a fair market price for your trees and match local timber demand to your forest and aims.

Experience with Loggers

They will be familiar with respected loggers and their equipment, as well as be able to convey your requirements and concerns.

Sale Supervision

They can safeguard your interests throughout harvesting, ensure that you follow best management practices, and administer the timber sale contract.

How to Find the Right Consulting Forester?

When selecting a consulting forester, it’s crucial to interview numerous candidates before making a decision. Always inquire about their educational background, employment experience, professional qualifications, and memberships.

Local references can give you helpful information and insights to assist you in making your hiring selection. Look for at least three forest landowner references from potential foresters. Inquire with these references about their overall satisfaction with the work. If at all feasible, go on a tour of the properties to see the finished work.

Are You Ready to Conduct a Timber Sale?

Harvesting and selling timber is difficult and time-consuming, and it necessitates a complete understanding of the sector. Your decision to hire one of our foresters at Future Forest Inc will have a favorable impact on your capacity to achieve specific goals for your woods and protect values that are important to you.

Employ our valuable assets and have successful timber sales in NY today!

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