[Chopping up the Value] Things You Need to Know About Timber Sale

If you are a landowner planning to sell off the chopped-down timber in your property, chances are you may not have enough knowledge of the negotiations that go into the sales process. It’s one thing to have the skill set of a good salesman, but understanding the actual value of your timber is another story. 

Selling timber is undoubtedly a lucrative business, making it the perfect source of income for the rest of your days. If you are interested in trying out this venture, it’s imperative to go through some considerations to ensure business sustainability and success.

In such a case, you do not need to look any further than the tips listed below. Familiarize yourself with each of them and get a feel of the profit margins. While not all timber is naturally made and cut the same, they hold specific values that may earn you more than expected: 

Establish a Forest Management Plan

You have various reasons to either preserve or cut down the trees in your vast property, and all of that will be affected by your current plan and conditions. You must ask yourself—what extent are you willing to cut them down, and which areas must you preserve? 

You must have a plan that you and your chosen forester may follow so that your timber supply will be well-maintained. Overdoing it or not getting enough cut downs done on your property may affect your supply in the long run.

Pick an Experienced Forester

Consider a forester as your problem solver, as they will become the ultimate consultant for the ins and outs of the timber business. They may not own their own timber venture, but they know more than enough to help yours be a complete success. 

The truth is that just because you own the land with the timbers doesn’t mean that you are already well-versed with it. You must know when to reach out for help. Otherwise, you may commit mistakes that may prove too harmful for your business.

They can determine which trees to cut down and even provide an accurate inventory for you. They can also market it all and provide tips on income tax provisions that may affect your venture. In short, they are that much essential to your timber business.

Pick the Exact Timber That You Are Going to Sell

Choosing the timber will probably be done and decided on by your forester, but it doesn’t hurt to familiarise yourself with this. You may ask around and see what specific wood is in demand amongst contractors nowadays. 

You may even discuss this with your forester, after which both of you can come up with the wood types and the right trees to cut down. Through this process, you can plan everything early on. You may even mark trees perfect for a good harvest, one that provides only the highest quality of timbers.


Timbers may seem simple enough to sell, but make no mistake—there are many factors to consider before you can even have people and contractors purchasing from you. 

Without a good plan, an experienced forester, and the right selection of timber, you will not be able to thrive in the timber industry, regardless of how high-quality your wood supplies are. Be sure to follow our tips above!

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