The Benefits of Installing a Pond on Your Property

benefits of installing a pond

In 2021, it was reported that having a private outdoor space is more valuable to homeowners than any other aspect of their home. 

As seen with the worldwide pandemic, it’s essential to a private place you can be in that is enjoyable. If you’re like most people and have been spending most of your time at home, you know that your backyard is also serving as your refuge. 

If you’re looking to add something to your outdoor space that will provide you with peace, among many other benefits, you should consider installing a pond. 

The guide below will explain all the reasons adding a pond on your property is an excellent move. 

Help Local Wildlife

When you get a pond installation, you’re adding a beautiful feature to your landscape. However, this is not only benefiting you but also the wildlife you attract.

If you add fish to your pond, you’ll help to balance the pond’s ecosystem. The fish will eat the pond’s algae, which will help reduce its growth. They will also bottom feed and keep the bottom of your pond clean. 

The fish will swim around your pond, which will stir up the water and keep water flowing into your filters. They are easy to care for and will care for your pond, which is a win-win. 

Your pond will attract other creatures as well, such as dragonflies, birds, frogs, and toads, who will also help keep your pond clean.

Toads and baby frogs will also eat algae, while birds, adult frogs, and dragonflies will eat insects such as mosquitoes, helping to control their numbers. 

You’ll get to experience all this wildlife in the comfort of your backyard, and they’ll help you maintain your pond in the process! 

Create a Cool Backyard Spot

When you think about home improvements, you may not consider your yard as essential. Yet, when the summer heatwaves start to roll in, you’ll be glad you decided to include a pond in your yard. 

Your pond will create a cool, clear spot for you to rest and escape the dreadful heat. As the pond water evaporates, it cools the air that surrounds it. No fan or A/C required!

If you choose to keep your pond in a shaded area, you can set up chairs and prepare to relax there all summer long. 

Decrease Outside Noise

If you live near neighbors or a noisy road, including pond construction to your new home additions is just what you need. 

Adding a waterfall to your pond can transform your space into one of tranquility. The soothing sounds of water trickling and flowing can help block out any other noise that you want to be reduced and can make your space feel truly like your own.

There are many different waterfalls to choose from, some more decorative than others, so take a look at what will fit best in your particular outdoor space. 

If you decide you want to add a waterfall for both noise reduction and visual appeal, consider including a spotlight feature. This will give the pond and waterfall an elegant feel and will make it exceptionally visually appealing. 

Rest assured that your neighbors will be asking you where you got your pond installation done. 

Aid in Conserving Water

As you know, all soil-based plants, as well as your lawns, require regular watering – lots of it! You might not think of these things, but did you know that just regular lawn watering already uses about 750 to 1500 gallons of water every month?

Ponds can be refilled with rainwater, which means they’re literally watering themselves. When homeowners get a pond, they’ll find that they’ll only need to do an occasional water change. Ponds deliver a self-sustaining hydration cycle that ensures plants are alive without having to water them. You can also use your pond water to water the plants in your yard.

Even if you have a lower than usual amount of rainfall, you can position your drainpipes in a way that they directly empty into the pond, like you have a natural reservoir.

Add More Plants to Your Space 

If one of the reasons you want to add a pool to your space is for aesthetic value, then you’ll love to know that you can add beautiful plants to it too. 

Yellow pond lilies, cardinal flowers, and blue irises are all great aquatic plant options. They’ll be beautiful to look at while providing shade for the fish, helping with algae control, and improving your water quality. 

Plus, aquatic plants are very low maintenance, so it would not be adding another thing to your daily to-do list. 

You’ll Have Less Need for Mowing and Other Pollutants

When you have a pond occupying a huge chunk of your outdoor space, there would be less mowing for you. You are not contributing as much to the 800 million gallons of gas used for lawn mowing. Yes, that’s how much gas Americans use to mow their lawns in a year.

Other garden equipment engines also give off high levels of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and other volatile organic compounds, all of which add to the air pollution in the country.

You’ll Use Fewer Fertilizers and Pesticides

While they can keep bugs from harming your plants, pesticides are harmful both to the environment and your health as their runoff end up in the water supply. Also, you’ll be surprised to learn that of the amount of lawn fertilizers you apply, about 35% reaches the actual grass. The rest either seeps into groundwater or ends up in the air.

Adding a pond to your yard means you won’t have as much lawn to fertilize, and even if you need to, you can simply use the sludge collected by your pond filter as fertilizer. That sludge is nutrient-dense with excess fish food, decayed leaves, and fish droppings.

Create a Feeling of Luxury 

It’s not as though everyone you know has a pond in their backyard. Yet, they should!

Your space will suddenly feel as though you’re on vacation when you get to relax next to your pond, listening to the water trickle and watching the fish swim around. 

Every day should feel like a vacation, and a pond can help you do just that. Not only will you be bringing more peace to your space, but you’ll be helping wildlife thrive and conserving water. 

What more could you ask for? 

All the Benefits of Installing a Pond 

These are just some of the benefits of getting a pond. As you can see, having one can be better than having an expansive lawn that’s also expensive to maintain and not to mention harmful to the environment. Get a pond excavation done, add features like aerators, bottom drains, lighting, and other decors, and you’ll find that a pond can be more interesting than a garden! Of course, you can add some Kois and other fishes to your pond for your family to take care of, too!

If you need help getting a pond built in your New York property, Future Forest Inc. can help you with that. We offer pond construction and excavation services, among others.  Contact our team today to know how we can build your pond for you!

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