What’s the Best Method for Land Clearing in Western NY?

western ny land clearing

You’ve got acres and acres of land on your hands, and you’re excited to start using it. There’s only one problem: It’s not usable. At least not yet.

You’re at the point now where you need to clear your undeveloped land so that you can begin using it. Unfortunately, removing stubborn vegetation, brush and weeds can be quite difficult to do on your own.

Fortunately, though, you can enlist the help of a professional to clear your land both efficiently and quickly.

Here’s a rundown on the top land clearing techniques to use for your property this fall.

Let’s get started!

Brush and Weed Removal

A common method of clearing land involves the removal of weeds and brush. This is followed by the use of large machinery to remove trees and take them to a particular zone for processing.

Any stumps that are left behind may then be removed using trucks, bulldozers, or backhoes. Alternatively, you can grind these stumps into mulch.

Forestry Mowing

With this method of clearing land, you’ll use giant riders to mow down the growth you no longer want on your land. For instance, you can mow down trees or small weeds.

After these machines mow down all of your growth, they will grind it all into mulch.

With this method, your tree stumps will not be removed. Instead, professionals will cut the stumps so that they are level with your soil’s surface. Then, you’ll let them decompose over time.

Pushover Clearing

This land clearing technique involves the use of machinery to essentially push your trees over. Then, the trees will be moved to a certain off-site location with their roots intact.

Note that this method might leave big holes in your property. However, you can quickly address these holes using a backhoe or bulldozer.

Also, you’ll need to deal with weeds and brush separately with the pushover clearing process.

Bulldozer Clearing

Finally, you can clear land with a bulldozer. This method is effective if you are trying to get rid of tall vegetation, brush, and trees.

The downside of the bulldozer clearing method is that it may damage your soil’s top layer as the machine strips trees and plants from your land. Still, it can get the job quickly.

After you clear your growth away, you’ll move it to a large pile, and it will later be buried or burned.

How We Can Help with Land Clearing

We provide top-of-the-line forestry management services to landowners.

Through our services, you can quickly increase the productivity and health of your forest resources.

Get in touch with us to learn more about land clearing and how we can help you to keep your land in tip-top shape in the years ahead.

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